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Read Right is a comprehensive system of small-group reading instruction. Visit our Elementary Schools and Secondary Schools pages to learn about programs for Grades K-6 and Grades 6-12. High-quality, independent research documenting the effectiveness of Read Right was completed in 2010 by Education Northwest. That research was reviewed and rated highly by the National Center on Response to Intervention for RTI in 2011.


Boy with Multiple Challenges Becomes a Successful Reader

The following is an actual case submitted in 2012 by a school using Read Right methodology:

“Brad” was identified as a struggling reader by his school three years ago, when he was in the 5th grade. For a variety of reasons, he was not placed in the Read Right program until 2011, when he entered the 8th grade. His school-based Read Right tutor notes that Brad’s speech pattern was hard to understand. He did not use complete sentences. After a formal assessment, the tutor started Brad at a grade 2-3 reading level. By the end of May 2012, with only 45 hours of tutoring, Brad was able to read comfortably and with full comprehension at grade level (approximately six grade levels of gain). Brad’s ability to speak clearly and accurately grew with his reading ability. The dramatic change in him has surprised everyone, including department heads. Before starting the program, Brad had a long history of discipline issues. The frequency and severity of incidents declined dramatically this year, as his ability to read and speak improved.

From Brad’s tutor, speaking specifically about her school’s Read Right program: "Brad has a bright future and he will be a success. …Middle school [Read Right] students gain a grade level in an average of 14 to 18 hours of tutoring. Brad surpasses that average.”

Click on the links below to see brief videos from students and others about Read Right:

Click on the photos below to watch short videos from education leaders and others using the Read Right Reading Intervention Program

The Read Right Reading Intervention Program (small group tutoring for Grades 3-12) and Read Right Primary Core Curriculum (classroom reading instruction for Grades K-3) are grounded in solid science associated with cognitive psychology, reading theory, learning theory, language acquisition theory, brain plasticity and more. Click on the photos below for short videos. You can count on Read Right for:

Extensive Teacher & Tutor Training. Read Right training programs are the most extensive available (a Read Right consultant spends five to seven weeks on-site working directly with your staff, plus off-site support for an entire school year). We train your teachers and aides to use our brain-based, highly structured systems of instruction.

Rapid Reading Improvement. The Read Right Reading Intervention Program has been validated as highly effective by rigorous, gold-standard research. That research focused on the critical area of comprehension and earned one of the National Center for Response to Intervention's most favorable reviews.

Effective Early Reading Instruction. The Read Right Primary Core Curriculum uses highly structured strategies similar to those that make our Reading Intervention Program effective. The PCC is presently the subject of a $1.2 million independent long-term study. 

We encourage interested educators and researchers to speak directly with school administrators, teachers, and aides who are using Read Right to improve student reading ability. We welcome requests for Reference Lists and we invite you to listen to a few video testimonials now by clicking on the photos on this page (many more video testimonials are available in our Video Library).

For more information about staff training for our on-site programs contact Maureen Mortlock directly: email  maureenm@readright.com or call (360) 427-6752 ext. 132 (Pacific Standard Time).