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Read Right is a comprehensive system of small-group reading instruction. 

High-quality, independent research documenting the effectiveness of Read Right was completed in 2010 by Education Northwest. That research was reviewed and rated highly by the National Center on Response to Intervention for RTI in 2011.

The Read Right Reading Intervention Program is available in two formats: We train your teachers and aides to deliver the methodology, or we provide tutoring services directly to your students through our Online Tutoring Service.

Read Right methodology is outlined fully in comprehensive and interactive manuals used actively by teachers and aides. Our methods are scientifically tested, they are appropriate for RTI, and our methods are recommended for Grade 6-12 drop-out prevention by the National Drop-Out Prevention Center.

Fourth Grade Non-Reader Reading at Grade Level by End of Fifth Grade

“Zach” started his brand new school two years ago (2010-2011) when he was in the fourth grade. Prior to his enrollment, Zach had been homeschooled and he had not yet developed the eessential skill of reading. Zach was a virtual non-reader and he was excited to be a part of his new school’s Read Right program. During fourth grade, his school-based Read Right tutor helped him climb from kindergarten-first grade reading to a mid-third grade reading level. By the end of the 2012 school year, Zach was reading at grade level (grade 5). In just two years, Read Right helped Zach catch up to his peers (five to six grade levels of gain). Evidence that Read Right got the job done comes from Zach's success in multiple language arts activities. On a recent reading test, Zach passed with a percentage of 88%. On a recent vocabulary test, he scored 25 out of 25 correct. His accumulated word count in his supplementary language arts program for the 2012 school year: a third of a million.

Zach's reading tutor says, “He just can’t stop reading. Read Right has given Zach the confidence and ability to be a success in his future school years and life.”

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We developed the Read Right Intervention Program (Grades 3-12) first, before we developed our Primary Core Curriculum (Grades K-3). That is significant because we were able to apply what we learned about what causes reading problems and how they can be eliminated to our highly structured K-3 early reading program. The result is a total solution for elementary schools. Imagine being able to provide consistent, systematic instruction grounded in brain science that is student-centered for all of your elementary students. What could be better?

The Read Right Primary Core Curriculum (Grades K-3)

The Read Right Primary Core Curriculum is designed to ensure that every student builds a neural network for reading that operates efficiently and effectively from the beginning. The method is effective because it addresses both the explicit aspects of the process (phonics, decoding, concept of word, and one-to-one correspondence) and the implicit aspects (integrating the various neural systems required to anticipate the author's meaning). Read Right methodology uses the power of implicit procedural learning to prevent reading problems from ever forming.    

The Read Right Intervention Program (Grades 3 & Up)

Researchers have documented that knowing how to decode and identify individual words does not guarantee that students will become effective readers by the third or fourth grade. In fact, researchers are presently investigating an all-too-frequent phenomenon known as the "fourth grade slump"—a decline in reading abilities frequently experienced by fourth graders. The Read Right Intervention Program for elementary schools is designed to help students with mild to severe reading problems make the leap from effortful word identification to effortless and proficient comprehension. Even the most challenged students are quickly transformed from poor readers to excellent readers, in a matter of months, not years!

To understand how the Read Right Primary Core Curriculum and the Intervention Program are significantly different than other reading programs, visit the Theoretical Constructs page of this web site.

Benefits for Students

  • Provides quick, significant, and permanent improvement
  • Transforms poor readers to excellent readers
  • Builds positive self-esteem and confidence
  • Establishes a solid foundation for acadmic success

Benefits for the School

  • Primary students are successful from the beginning
  • Staff receive an effective tool to help students succeed
  • Parents are delighted with noticeable results for their children
  • Administrators can meet Federal guidelines for Annual Yearly Progress
  • At-risk students benefit from closing achievement gaps
  • Various clients have used Read Right for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions.

For more information about staff training for our on-site programs contact Maureen Mortlock directly: email maureenm@readright.com or call (360) 427-6752 ext. 132 (Pacific Standard Time).