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The Read Right Reading Intervention Program for middle and high school students is a comprehensive system of small-group reading instruction.


High-quality, independent research documenting the effectiveness of Read Right was completed in 2010 by Education Northwest. That research was reviewed and rated highly by the National Center on Response to Intervention for RTI in 2011.

Read Right for secondary schools is available in two formats: We train your teachers and aides to deliver the methodology, or we provide tutoring services directly to your students through our Online Tutoring Service.

Read Right methodology is outlined fully in comprehensive and interactive manuals used actively by teachers and aides. Our methods are scientifically tested, they are appropriate for RTI, and our methods are recommended for drop-out prevention by the National Center on Drop-Out Prevention.

ESL High School Student Overcomes Reading Problem

“Antonio” began Read Right tutoring as a high school sophomore in November 2010. Spanish is the primary language spoken in his home. Antonio started with English-language Read Right tutoring at a 2nd-3rd grade reading level. By the end of last year, he was progressing well. Antonio returned to the Read Right program in the Fall of 2011, eager and very willing to work. Teachers in his other classes noticed the difference. “He’s just a different kid from last year,” one stated. Other observations from his high school teachers: Antonio works harder and cares more about his grades and he is now a great contributor to his classes, rather than distracting other students.

States his high school reading tutor: “Thanks to Read Right, Antonio has become a very confident reader and student. His future looks very bright as he prepares for his senior year.”

Click on the links below to see brief videos from students and others about Read Right:

For years, educators have worked hard to help adolescents improve their reading abilities, but every year millions of teens continue to struggle with this essential skill. Why? Historically, reading intervention programs have used the same instructional strategies to help a struggling reader that were used in the beginning to teach students to read.

More than 400 years ago, Sir Francis Bacon made an observation that sheds light on what must be done to transform struggling readers into excellent readers:

"If we are to obtain results never before achieved, we must expect to employ methods never before attempted.”

Read Right employs methods never before attempted by any other program—and gets results never before achieved. Used by Read Right-trained teachers, classroom aides, college instructors, and others to help more than 90,000 individuals address their reading problems, Read Right has consistently documented rapid results. In June 2010, a private, not-for-profit research organization released its third-party findings examining the effectiveness of our Intervention Program. Education Northwest validated what we had already documented for 20 years: Read Right methodology used by teachers and aides produces a “significant positive effect” in a relatively short period of time. Students involved in the controlled study experienced significant growth after an average 18 hours of tutoring delivered during one semester. Significantly, the probability that the results were achieved by chance was less than 5 in 10,000 (p = .000)!

To understand how Read Right is significantly different than other reading interventions, visit the Theoretical Constructs page of this web site.

Read Right Offers a Complete and Permanent Solution

Rather than focus only on the “explicit” aspects of the reading process—which is what reading interventions typically do—Read Right methodology is designed to focus the brain’s attention on the “implicit” aspects of reading (all of the complex cognitive work that occurs below the level of conscious awareness). We do this by creating a precise tutoring environment in which students are compelled to figure out all that is required to produce efficient and effective reading. In this way, the Read Right Intervention Program for secondary students is a complete and permanent solution to reading problems, yielding reading that (1) is comfortable, (2) sounds like conversational speech, and (3) results in understanding the author's message each and every time a student reads. Once a student is truly an excellent reader, he or she will remain an excellent reader for life!

The Intervention Program is Available in Two Formats:

  • The Classroom-Based Intervention Program: We train classroom teachers and aides to deliver highly structured small-group tutoring to students. Read Right methodology works for all kinds of students (including those diagnosed with dyslexia) and with all reading levels (including adolescent non-readers).

  • Online Tutoring Service: Read Right Systems, Inc. can provide expert tutoring directly to students via the latest Online video conferencing technology (requires access to a webcam, headset with microphone, and a computer capable of handling Elluminate! video conferencing technology). Online Tutoring is delivered by Read Right-trained tutors and is nearly identical to the classroom-based program.

Benefits for the Student: Quick and Significant Results

  • Restores hope and confidence
  • Opens the door to academic success
  • Expands potential

Benefits for the School:

  • Helps meet Federal guidelines for Annual Yearly Progress and close achievement gaps
  • Satisfies RTI needs: Various clients have used Read Right for Tier 2, and Tier 3 interventions
  • Provides additional revenue by preventing drop-outs

Successful Projects Have Been Established in:

  • Rural schools
  • Urban schools
  • Suburban schools
  • Schools on Native American Reservations
  • Schools serving large Latino/Latina populations
  • Schools serving significant African American populations

For more information about staff training for our on-site programs contact Maureen Mortlock directly: email maureenm@readright.com or call (360) 427-6752 ext. 132 (Pacific Standard Time). NOTE: If a JavaScript error message appears, click the JavaScript link any way. The correct email will appear. We are in the process of having this fixed. Thank you.