A Truly Innovative Reading Solution

Effective With Special Education Students

Read Right as a Method of RTI for Learning Disabled and Dyslexic Students
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Gold-standard research (Education Northwest, Scott et al., 2010) verifies that Read Right is effective for RTI. That research has been reviewed and rated highly by the National Center on Response to Intervention.

Since the late 1990s, school records document that elementary and secondary students are being transformed into excellent readers through Read Right tutoring. Included among them are students with learning disabilities and dyslexia. Each year, scientists are understanding more and more about the brain's natural "plasticity." This means that we, as learners, have the ability to change our performance, as long as the brain is functionally healthy and as long as we use implicit procedural learning to improve performance. It shouldn't be surprising. If an individual’s brain can build correctly-operating networks for the complex acts of walking, talking, riding a bicycle, and thousands of other things, why not for reading?

This is what Read Right does for special education programs:

Provides teachers and aides with extensive training in a highly structured system of tutoring designed to produce rapid reading improvement. Read Right consultants spend seven weeks distributed over 18 weeks at your school site training teachers and aides. Teachers and aides begin to work with students immediately. Off-site support continues for one full school year.

Provides teachers and aides with all of the resources they need to work effectively with students, including initial assessment materials, pre- and post-test materials, the extensive Read Right Intervention Program Library (700+ books and 300 recorded selections) and the Digital Library (audio files needed for one component of the methodology). Or, if schools choose, they can purchase our Online Tutoring Service, whereby our tutors deliver live and interactive tutoring to your special education students through Internet technology..

Provides students with a distinctively new approach to improve their reading ability. Read Right's focus is implicit procedural learning rather than explicit skill instruction. Rather than identify individual words, students learn to ground reading in the construction of meaning from the moment reading begins. Learning to construct meaning rather than identify individual words one-word-at-a-time supports effective reading comprehension.

For more information about staff training for our on-site programs contact us at info@readright.com or call (360) 427-9440 (Pacific Standard Time).

Read Right is effective for some students with Autism-spectrum disorders. Are you interested in other innovative approaches addressing Autism? Check out the Davis Autism Approach .